Connect with Australia's largest community of earth-conscious consumers

Reach an actively engaged audience looking to live more lightly on the earth

Connect with earth-conscious consumers

Reach an actively engaged audience looking to live more lightly on the earth

Helping Australians make better choices

Pip supports the largest community of Australians aspiring to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our engaged community is actively interested in learning about how they can make better choices.

We speak to people wherever they are on their sustainability journey, whether they are well into their journey or just starting out.

Because of this, we make sure that our content is accessible, informative and practical.

Part of helping our community live more lightly on the earth includes increasing their awareness of brands and products that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and ethical.

We believe that we’ll help to build a stronger culture around making ethical choices by helping businesses that practice these principles reach an actively interested audience.

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Our eco-conscious community engages with Pip to take action.

Pip’s community reads the practical information we deliver via our magazine, website, e-newsletter, podcast and YouTube channel with intent.

That means that they read to take action - whether that be to:
  • implement new practices or ideas in their garden;
  • upgrade the products they use to be as environmentally and socially conscious as possible; or,
  • find the perfect eco-conscious gift for a loved one.
Find out more about our audience

We work hard to provide the Pip community with the information they need

That means that we regularly survey our readers for feedback.
Here are some comments from our recent reader survey. We asked: ‘What do you like about Pip?’

“Makes sustainability seem possible and always so interesting! In the ads I find out about products and services I have used and this too is very helpful.”
“Great articles, topics are really interesting, variety of information. Always something that I can apply or do in my life.”
“The paper because it's got a good feel to it; the illustrations and pictures because they help understand the articles; the articles have lots of good info in them; the ads because I've learned about products and companies I didn't know about.”
“[Pip] makes sustainability seem possible and always so interesting! In the ads I find out about products and services I have used and this too is very helpful.”
“I love finding out new things I never knew before. I love the paper it’s printed on. I love the layout and I love how the magazine, podcast, socials and website all tie in together.”
“The practical advice ,the eco-friendly companies advertised and the artwork.”
“Interviews, recipes, build guides for projects, and I actually enjoy the classified ads section too as it directs me to businesses I wouldn’t otherwise know about.”
Thanks to your marketplace, I ended up buying a solar electric system from Teho. I wouldn't have had any idea where to start if I hadn't found them via your website, and I was really impressed by dealing with them. Thanks for the tip! I've also recommended them to my builders.

How Pip engages with its community

More than just a magazine

Partnerships for eco-conscious brands

Pip has limited partnership options to suit the businesses that align with our values*

*Yep, there's a catch

We’re picky. We don’t let just anyone partner with Pip.

One of the things that keeps our community so engaged is their trust in us to feature only brands that help to reduce our community’s environmental footprint or make socially responsible, ethical choices.

The best way to check if you’re the right fit for Pip is to email us at

We’ll have a friendly chat to see if Pip is the right marketing platform for you.


Am I eligible? Email the Pip team to check
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About Pip

Founded by Robyn Rosenfeldt in 2014, Pip Media is an award-winning micro-publisher. Our flagship publication, Pip Magazine, shares ideas, information and inspiration about living more sustainably.

A visually beautiful publication, our gorgeous illustrations and photography invite people to pick up a copy, while our articles inspire readers to make positive changes in their lives.

Our articles encompass no-waste living, growing food, making compost, foraging, seed saving, preserving, fermenting, beekeeping, keeping chickens, green building, repair, DIY, crafting, recipes and much more.

In addition to relaxing back with a Pip magazine, our audience engages with us via our website, e-newsletter, podcast, YouTube channel, and social media communities. 


Our eco-credentials

We consider the environment in all stages of producing Pip magazine, from the paper we print on and the power we run our office with, down to the tea and coffee we drink.

The magazine is printed on premium recycled and FSC paper. We use an environmentally accredited Australian printer that uses 100% vegetable inks.

We use recycled paper hand-packed envelopes to send our magazines to subscribers.





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